STRIDE Lab | Stress-proof your brain

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With Katharina Lehmann & Ruth Förster

How can you better cope with stressful situations and live up to your full potential? In this STRIDE Lab, you will train how to regulate your stress-levels and develop a more resilient, balanced and flexible nervous system. We employ the latest scientific insights as a basis for being creative and innovative in a sustainable way. An improved stress-regulation will support you to implement high-impact initiatives and change on a personal, organizational or societal level.


After the Lab, you will be able to:

  • Understand the phenomenon of stress based on the latest neurological insights.
  • Recognize that optimized stress-regulation is the key to peak performance and creativity.
  • Identify your personal stressors, stress-pattern(s) and your resources to overcome stumbling blocks.
  • Experiment with different senses in order to regulate stress.
  • Have a concrete action plan on next steps with the objective of exercising and improving stress self-regulation in daily life.


unCertificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the workshop (12h contact time) and the pre- and post-assignments (18h time investment) you will receive an unCertificate (1 ECTS-Credit Point).


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STRIDE Lab | Stress-proof your brain

Fr 01. Feb 2019 , 17:00 - 21:00

Location: Colab

Please note this is a 1.5-day seminar starting on Feb 1 at 5pm continuing on Feb 2 all day.

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