Sensor network for environmental data based on Bluetooth LE sensors by Günter R.

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Since my days as a biologist I was thinking about a wireless sensor network for monitoring environmental data. So In 2018 I was evaluating IP based solutions and sensors. But most of the sensors where too big and/or the communication was based on undocumented custom protocols and/or where too expensive. So I came to Bluetooth LE Sensors, which fulfilled my requirements, they are small, the protocol is standardized, they are cheap (temperature sensors start at around 10 $) and they are available for all types of environmental data.

I created a system that manages the sensors, collects the data from the sensors, aggregates them, secures and manages the communication with external systems like cloud service etc., the “Sensor Network”.

I will not present the Sensor Network itself, but show the available BLE technologies and the programming techniques to achieve access to the BLE sensors with C# and Windows IOT and how to visualize and store them with Azure IOT Central.

About Günter Rössler:
For more than two decades I architect and realize complex software solutions. Originally I was biologist and started my programming career with C/C++, since .net 2.0 I’m mainly working with C#. I’ve been working as a software architect and CTO in Germany. Since I am in Switzerland I’m running my own company, GR Software. I’m passionate in growing tropical plants, and in that context I was looking for a wireless sensor network with small and cheap sensors, but could not find anything useful. So I started to develop my own system based on .net technologies.

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Sensor network for environmental data based on Bluetooth LE sensors by Günter R.

Mo 25. Feb 2019 , 18:30 - 20:30

Location: Colab