Negotiate Your Worth

As women, we are a force to be reckoned with when we negotiate on behalf of our family members, our businesses, companies, and teams. But when it comes to negotiating for ourselves, we struggle. As a result, we miss out on valuable opportunities to improve our businesses and lives.

Why hustling your ass off and sacrificing your health and your family’s happiness does not work to grow your business? It doesn’t have to be like that.

Join Wies Bratby exclusive workshop with MAMAGORA and learn more about the 5 Surprising Secrets To Getting Paid What You’re Worth As Female Business Owner. Looking forward to seeing you there.

About workshop leader Wies:

Wies has extensive negotiation experience as a former top lawyer and HR Director for a billion-dollar company. She has spent the best part of two decades studying and practicing the art and science of negotiation, focusing on the role of gender. Originally from The Netherlands, she now calls Switzerland home. From here, she helps women across the world, realize their worth, communicate it and get them the positions and salaries they want through her online group coaching program. She focuses her training on mindset breakthroughs, leverages her clients’ feminine superpowers and combines these with her proven step-by-step game plan for these careers defining conversations.

Find her more info about Women in negotiation on the website and LinkedIn.

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Negotiate Your Worth

Mo 18. Nov 2019 , 18:00 - 20:30

Location: Viadukt