Leverage Angular Schematics to empower Developers of Frontend Apps & Libraries

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In development, we often want to extract reusable parts of logic into self contained libraries. Modern tooling provided by Angular CLI enables us to provide amazing developer experience for the users of our libraries.

Libraries can be added seamlessly, while automating all the necessary setup work.

More so, providing built-in library specific schematics enables us to cut on the learning curve that is needed to get developers productive straight from the start by generating code which follows intentioned patterns and best practices.

In this talk, we’re going to explore:
1. What are Angular Schematics
2. Why and how to use them
3. Best practices and tips for using default Angular schematics
4. How to build simple schematics for our custom library
5. How to make our library „“ng add““ – able to make it seamless for the consumers

18:30 – Doors open and Networking
19:00 – How to leverage Angular Schematics by Tomas Trajan
21:00 – The End

Tomas Trajan (@tomastrajan) – I am Google Developer Expert for Angular, writing and speaking mostly about Angular, RxJS and many exciting frontend technologies.

I love sharing know-how and working on open source with most popular project being Angular NgRx Material Starter (1200+ Stars on GitHub), Release Butler – a Twitter bot that tweets change logs of popular frameworks and libraries and Medium Enhanced Stats a Chrome extension which enhances Medium stats screen

Professionally I am currently working in Die Mobiliar as a Frontend Architect where we are trying to help improve more than 40 Angular SPAs and a whole universe of libraries by introducing best practices, maintainable architecture, coaching other developers, and building tool to help us achieve this goals.

Stay tuned for an upcoming release of a Code Butler – a node CLI tool to automate code transformations to multiple projects in enterprise environment.


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Leverage Angular Schematics to empower Developers of Frontend Apps & Libraries

Mo 25. Feb 2019 , 18:30 - 20:30

Location: Viadukt

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