Let’s discuss: building and sustaining a winning startup culture!

This event was originally announced on meetup.com by the group Swiss Startups Club – use their site to join: Event Page

What is your startup’s culture like? Are you/your employees excited to work for your startup and do the ‘unwritten rules’ reflect what you want to stand for and boost your productivity? Are you afraid this might change over time when you grow?

Especially when scaling a business, it is crucial to build and maintain a winning culture among your team for sustainable growth. But it is also extremely hard to do, next to bringing the product/service to market, securing financing, recruiting etc.

At this event we bring peers together to discuss the challenges and experiences of building and sustaining a startup culture.

Structure of the event:
1. Input presentation from a startup (tba).
2. Identifying your most relevant peers through a novel approach, ensuring inspiring discussions.
3. Group workshop/discussions:
– Share your stories and the company culture challenge(s) you are on.
– Share experiences on how building and sustaining a positive culture can work.
– Stimulate each other by exchanging ideas on specific actions you can take.
4. Apero after 20:30 to intensify your newly made connections.

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for the event (CHF 10.- to CHF 25.-) will need to be bought separately through Eventfrog (Credit/Debit/TWINT): https://bit.ly/2Fj9zXb

Short-cut Infos

Let’s discuss: building and sustaining a winning startup culture!

Mo 04. Feb 2019 , 19:00 - 22:00

Location: Viadukt

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