Technical Leadership: Dealing with emotions I Skill Share Breakfast


Introduction to Management for Technical leaders – dealing with challenges rooted in emotions and human nature

About the Workshop

In the world of business, the most difficult and expensive  situations we face are very often driven by perfectly normal human behavior. In this one hour session we will explore the root causes of why things go wrong in business and what we as leaders can do to help inoculate our teams against behavior that leads to disaster. We will talk about the emotional roots of our behavior, as well as the common problems associated with “projecting” and “the wasteland of should.”

About Edward 

With over 30 years experience building and running service teams for global high tech companies, Edward is an expert at defusing volatile situations and building business relationships that endure.

This event is customized to your specific needs.  To make the best use of our time, please think about the most significant challenges you currently face and be ready to discuss them during the event.  Additionally, please fill in this form so Edward can prepare accordingly.

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Technical Leadership: Dealing with emotions I Skill Share Breakfast

Fr 15. Mrz 2019 , 09:00 - 11:00

Location: Colab

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Karin joined Impact Hub Zurich from Impact Hub Singapore after having studied and worked in the US and Germany. A native Swiss-Colombian, she is a polyglot by passion. Her academic background is in music, business psychology, digital management & transformation. She believes in building identity, in the value of community and the power of curated connections.

Karin Stephan, Community & Ecosystem Builder

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Skill Share Breakfast | Managing emotions in business