Business Help Desk – SEO & Digital Marketing

About Business Help Desk Sessions

Business Help Desk – SEO Digital Marketing is a 1:1 coaching format available for all Impact Hub Zürich Members. Please check the homepage for the pricing system.


Our expert Mr. Tauras Sinkus will help you find a way through SEO & Digital Marketing related topics. Please prepare the following questions for your session:

  1. What is your project? (please include URL, stage, biz model)
  2. What marketing efforts you’ve already taken and how did it go?
  3. What is your question / concrete problem you would like to talk about / get advice for?

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Business Help Desk – SEO & Digital Marketing

Mo 16. Sep 2019 , 13:00 - 17:05

Location: Colab

Contact Person

Karin joined Impact Hub Zurich from Impact Hub Singapore after having studied and worked in the US and Germany. A native Swiss-Colombian, she is a polyglot by passion. Her academic background is in music, business psychology, digital management & transformation. She believes in building identity, in the value of community and the power of curated connections.

Karin Stephan, Community & Ecosystem Builder

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