Marco Bahn

About Me

Hey there! I’m a creative technologist & entrepreneur from Frankfurt am Main and just landed in Zurich.  I am running LAB75, a studio for strategy, design and technology, where we work with a variety of enterprises on innovative design and software solutions, like realtime3D, various data science and BI projects.  In the past we supported and executed various community projects, like TEDx RheinMain, TEDx ESA, the OpenTechSchool in Frankfurt and last year the NASA App Hackathon in Frankfurt.  Besides this, I started various smaller endeavours, like our sustainable Mountainbike apparel brand defy gravity (, where we offer re-/upcycling of abused gear and produce everything in Europe.  I am looking forward to meet new people, exchange ideas and join new projects.

Sector of Work

Architecture & Design, Education & Coaching, Information Technology


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