Joachim Schoss

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Impact Investor & Serial Entrepreneur

Joachim Schoss studied Business Administration at the University of Hamburg and began his career in 1986 at a management consultancy. In 1990, he founded his first company, TellSell Consulting GmbH in Frankfurt, and in 1992 the call center Telcare GmbH in Wilhelmshaven. Both companies were successfully sold to strategic partners in 1996/97 . In 1997 he founded ImmobilienScout24 GmbH in Berlin and establishment the Scout24 AG in 1998 of which he was the largest individual investor, first CEO and Chairman of the Board until it was sold to the Deutsche Telekom.

He is currently a member of various supervisory and administrative boards (e.g. at the NZZ, Goldbach Group and Globalance Bank), business angel and a board member of several young companies (including ResearchGate, Loxi , Bankhaus Herzogpark, askTheCircle and bettermarks) as well as non-profit institutions (e.g. at the Montessori Education Fund and of his own foundation MyHandicap).


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