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„My name is Petra and I was 30 years old in September 2017. I’m a Slovenian from the costal area of the country, a small town called Ankaran.
I started writing a blog for my family in 2010 about my solo experiences, work and volunteering in India. Now is becoming something more and I want to share it with you more!

From my last trip in India I have visited over 40 countries (some over and over again) and my wanderlust is not stopping. My latest “love affair” is with Dominican Republic- been there in November 2017 and February 218 and fell in love with it. In Europe I have a spark for Malta and that will always stay close to my heart.

I started traveling when I was 15 and my mum still wonders from whom I have the traveling genes because nobody in the family travels so much. I always said to her – once you start you can’t stop. I’m addicted to it and have always a plane ticket ready for my next experience.

At 20 my life stopped for a while when I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. All is good now but it changed my life and limit it as well a bit. Just to give two examples I have to carry medicine with me all the time and I had problems to travel and work in US because of this pre-existing medical condition. As a consequence I focused on experiencing my world in Europe more. I lived and worked in Berlin, Brussels, Vienna and now Zurich- because I could not afford to just travel. I had to work in a new country and explore its surroundings.

I’m as also a Girl Scout/Guide in World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts for already 25 years and currently serving in a volunteer position as a Europe Region committee member, working closely with other women to support the strategy of the region and our approx. 1.2 million members in 41 countries. My many experiences are closely connected with guiding/scouting life style and you will be reading about it. Guiding/scouting made me who I am today so I feel obliged to write about it as I travel for guiding/scouting business a lot.

I will write about my experiences in English and/or Slovenian.

My advise to you and my motto: Dream big and imagine more – anything is possible!“





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