Partha Ghosh

About Me

There are millions of kids in villages of countries like India, who only have access to very poor quality educational equipment. For example, high speed internet connection is no big deal for us, but to these kids the situation is not so golden. A 10kBps connection might seem unthinkable to us but the reality is far from even that! These difficulties lead to poor education and problems associated to low quality education needs not be reintroduced. Our idea is to connect these kids to the world of technology and try to bring them at par with privileged ones, at least in therms of availability of online educational resources. We propose to use 2-G mobile internet to provide relatively fast internet connection (30~40kBps). We plan to host a server that will act as a proxy server and help split web content into packets. These will then be transferred in parallel over more than one 2-G connections. Finally at the consumer end everything will be put together to recreate the original object. In theory we can parallelize any number of connections.

Sector of Work

Education & Coaching, Construction & Engineering, Education & Coaching


RustiConn, http://

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