Monica Cipelletti

About Me

Moky (Monica) believes that no matter what we do as professionals, we are, first of all, human beings, driven by our inner values, personality, talents, passions and life experiences. Education, CVs and portfolios are for her just a small piece of a huge, wonderful, never-ending jigsaw. She has always loved sports, arts and nature and, at the same time, Moky is a creative, who worked in advertising as well as in her own candle-making company. She is a total water-addict (#freediving) and she has experienced teaching in different fields, from giving English lessons to teaching kids how to behave in case of emergency. She adores traveling, foreign languages and international, collaborative environments like Impact Hub. She is a radiant and happy part of STRIDE, and she has also experienced STRIDE as a Co-Lead Student, which made her believe even more in what she is working for. Moky is also a co-founder of the STRIDE spin-off ZüriChips – the chips that save the world.

Sector of Work

Advertising, Education, Creativity, Social Innovation

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