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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci  

A lot of my time is spent help customers decomposing complex ideas into simple “so what does it mean for you” statements. Every business deserves to understand what compelling business drivers sit behind each and every request for innovation.  In a world where the daily diary can sometimes seem to swamp the real value adding innovative agenda, it has become even more important to clearly create the link between each idea and the simple tangible business outcomes that can be delivered from it. Hence, my inspiration comes from the satisfaction of delivering change – from the ground up – by bringing ideas to life in a way that has meaning to all stakeholders.  from data – to information – to added-value.  In the day time this means supporting organizations to implement change. I believe in hands-on involvement in problem scoping and definition, and then providing the leadership, vision and motivation to manage teams and organizations through this change process.  In reality this means being a blend of evangelist, innovator, leader and skeptic….. in varying doses.  Outside work, I spend my time with my wife and wonderful friends enjoying life: traveling, playing golf and cooking.



Sector of Work

Construction & Engineering


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