Björn Müller

About Me

Asking what makes people (and himself) move and grow, Björn practically and theoretically challenges the status quo of learning and teaching within higher and executive education. He brings about meaningful learning by combining head, heart and hands. In his own life, he experiments with various ways of joining theory and practice. After having studied psychology in Freiburg (Germany) and a short side trip to HR management, Björn took on a PhD in “Organizational Studies and Cultural Theory” at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). Parallel to his academic studies, Björn trained within experiential pedagogy as well as solution-oriented and resource-based coaching, therapy and group facilitation approaches. His time in St. Gallen was divided into rigorous research and then providing day to day counseling and finally heading the psychological counseling service. His zest for life and “making”, together with other people, his deep understanding of personal as well as collective learning and development, and his reflective capacity, together make him an affective thinker.

Sector of Work

pedagogy, education, learning

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