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“Safe sanitation is a basic human right, yet 2.5 billion people, that’s a 3rd of the world’s population, does not have access to safe sanitation. BioBox will realise a key step in the delivery of safe sanitation to all.

BioBox is a biodegradable container for safely containing human faecel waste. It will be used to contain faeces for innovative Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) services which are delivering safe sanitation to un-served communities in slums across the world. Current containers used are just standard containers and have a number of problems around: smell control, safety, usability, and economic viability.

BioBox is a biodegradable container made out of dense cardboard and bio-plastics. A number of innovative methods for controlling smell have been identified, both chemical and biological, that will set this product apart in the market. By sealing the product when full, and processing it into compost or fuel without opening, BioBox removes service personal from handling dangerous human waste. Based on recent field research in Kenya, BioBox will deliver large cost savings to the Container-Base Sanitation service providers it supplies.”


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