Andreas Reinhart

Andreas Reinhart

About Me

I have spent most of my professional life (1971 to 2008) first as coffee trader and later as the owner of a 160 year old trading house of Indian/Swiss origin with focus on world wide trading coffee, cotton & financial services. Finally after exiting the commodity world in 1997 due to its highly speculative and unsustainable nature I started as minority shareholder in various start up companies in the financial world with a focus on sustainability. Today am looking for contacts where I can bring myself in with my experience as former shareholder and board member of various large and smaller start up companies. Am also keen to LEARN from the “new” generation. “Leadership and spirituality” has been and IS today my major “mantra”. And I strongly feel that this has to become the major criteria when trying to make the business world and society in general more sustainable.

Sector of Work

Arts & Culture, Finances & Investments, Social business & CSR


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