Anaïs Sägesser

About Me

With her passion for learning and care for humanity, Anaïs just loves stepping on new pathways and exploring the unknown. With experience in many fields (hint: passion for learning) from business and economics (PhD at the HSG) to religious and Islamic studies, environmental sciences and yoga, she has worked in SMEs, large corporates, NGO, public sector and her own company. Having passionately built up the Swiss Climate-KIC office whilst journeying deeper in yoga, happiness research and coaching, Anaïs has become a sought-after mentor, business coach and expert on innovation and entrepreneurship. Acknowledging that many societal challenges of our time are merely symptoms of our values, belief systems and aspirations, it is now time to address personal transformation at scale to create a learning world that works for all. Next to STRIDE she is also a co-founder of scaling4good and MahaDevi Centre Switzerland associations, Chair of the Board of Trustees at MahaDevi Yoga Centre UK and member of the WeAct Advisory Board.

Sector of Work

innovation, entrepreneurship, education

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