Amadeo Ismael Disasi

About Me

Hi, my name is Amadeo and I’m currently in my last semester of my bachelor degree in International Management. What do you do afterwards with that? That’s the big question I was asking myself during the last few months. I figured out that I’m not keen at all to join a big multinational cooperation like most of my fellow students. Honestly, I don’t go to school for longer than 15 years in order to become a small autonomous fish. What I really want to do is to work in an environment where people are happy and collaborative and at the same time doing something meaningful for the society. By chance I met the ImpactHub and I quickly realized that this is something amazing!

Now, I’m working as a volunteer (Commuity Hubonaut) at the Viadukt and you will see me always on Monday afternoon there doing the “Energy Break”. Really hope to meet you soon!


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