Alexandra Choutko

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Alexandra was born in Russia, has lived in France, Austria, and Switzerland. She married a man from Chile, whom she meat in Zürich and with whom she has four beautiful children, three of which still have their feet on this earth. Alexandra’s heart beats for our world, for a sustainable use of the available resources, for the rights of all people and the protection and preservation of our earth. She is a biologist, a computer scientist, and a research expert. She brings work experience in the exploration of complex issues, in the management of projects and partners and the application of agility and scrum methodology in IT projects. Alexandra holds a Master’s degree in Biology, a Doctorate in Natural Sciences and several further education courses in Project Management, Leadership, and Scrum. She is currently looking for new working opportunities and is honorary involved in a project that coaches swiss residents and households to live more sustainable and more connected lives within their municipalities


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