Agota Balai

About Me

Founder and General Manager at MAMAGORA. Chaos Pilot. Talent Manager. Organizer at Fairplay Tribe.
Wife and mother of three. Focusing on putting passion and skills to good use.

I moved to Switzerland with my family in 2010. Having small children, not having family around, not speaking the local language, not knowing the market, not having my professional network anymore, and the reality of childcare options put me in a really difficult position to fulfill my professional potential.

I knew I couldn’t change the system and the gender-related issues in the society. But I did know that I could start by doing something for me and for my fellow mothers.

I realized that we as mothers need to connect with each other on a bigger scale to be able to use the synergies within our separate professional skills and capacities – all within the community of all the talented mothers in Switzerland.

Over time, I recognized what I had to do and I made a plan. I joined Impact Hub at the beginning of 2017 and later started to work/volunteer for Capacity Zürich as a mentor.

With the inspiration of the Hub experience, the community empowerment, the incredible people and the support of my family and very good friends, I now have the strength and belief that I am on the right track. I feel confident enough to overcome my fears and just do it! This is what I’ve been working on ever since. This is how the idea of MAMAGORA was born.

Sector of Work

Social Business & CSR, Community Building, Project Management, Community & Event Management, Arts & Culture

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